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Essence Input - Input component


  • placeholder: string for a placeholder text
  • label: string for a label text which will float above the input when text is typed
  • hint: string for a hint text which will show below the input as an informative text
  • counter: integer for limit the input value length, also it will show the current / maximum value length
  • disabled: prop for disabling the input

NOTE: all props will be transferred from Input component

How to use

import Input from 'essence-input';
<Input name={'input'} placeholder='Standard input' classes={'has-success'}/>
<Input name={'input'} placeholder='Counter input' classes={'has-error'} counter={50}/>
<Input name={'input'} label='This label will float' classes={'has-success'}/>
<Input name={'input'} disabled={true} placeholder='Disabled input' classes={'has-success'}/>
<Input name={'textarea'} type={'textarea'} placeholder='Textarea' classes={'has-success'}/>