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espower-typescript-babel (experimental) NPM version Dependency Status

power-assert instrumentor for TypeScript and Babel

  1. Transpile from TypeScript to ES6 with typescript-simple
  2. Transpile from ES6 to ES5 with babel
  3. Instrument with power-assert
  4. Run tests


  • TypeScript cannot transpile some features (generator, async/await) to ES5
  • Babel can do it
  • Zero configuration and zero temporary file for power-assert


Put tsconfig.json (target: ES6) and .babelrc in your project root, then

$ npm i -D espower-typescript-babel
$ mocha --compilers ts:espower-typescript-babel/guess test/**/*.ts

Also you need to npm i -D babel-preset-es2015, if you use babel presets like babel-preset-es2015 in .babelrc.


MIT License: Teppei Sato <>