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Stream module for linting JavaScript programs.


npm install eslintify

The major version number of eslintify is tied to eslint, so if you want to use eslint@3, install eslintify@3.


browserify your_file.js -t eslintify

"quiet" mode

Functionally equivalent to the ESLint CLI flag --quiet: it causes all warnings to be silently ignored. The default is for warnings to be outputted along with errors.

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --quiet ]

If you only wish to suppress "ignored file" warnings, use the --quiet-ignored flag instead.

"ignored file" warnings

If you choose to exclude files via .eslintignore or elsewhere and the linter is run over them (due to them being in the globbing path), it will produce a warning. eslint@3 introduced a way for these unnecessary warnings to be suppressed; the implementation in this module is as follows:

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --quiet-ignored ]

setting when to break the build

If you wish to get linting reports in the console but not break the build, use the passthrough flag like so:

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --passthrough errors --passthrough warnings ]

You can customize this functionality to only allow errors to break the build (or warnings, if you want!):

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --passthrough warnings ]

"continuous" mode (DEPRECATED)

NOTE: THIS IS DEPRECATED AND WILL BE REMOVED IN eslintify@4. Use the --passthrough flag.

If you wish to get linting reports in the console but not break the build, enable "continuous mode" like so:

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --continuous ]

included files

If you wish to lint files with extensions other than *.js *.jsx *.es6, add extension options. The API mirrors how Browserify handles adding extra extensions:

via CLI

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --extension html --extension haml ]

via JS

.transform({extensions: ['html', 'haml']}, eslintify)

other result formatters

Starting with eslintify 2.0, the default formatter is royriojas/eslint-friendly-formatter. You can opt to switch it out for your own choice by providing one of the eslint official formatter names or a path to a requireable node module.

via CLI

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --formatter json ]

via JS

.transform({formatter: 'json'}, eslintify)

custom formatter via CLI

browserify your_file.js -t [ eslintify --formatter ./node_modules/eslint-path-formatter ]

custom formatter via JS

.transform({formatter: './node_modules/eslint-path-formatter'}, eslintify)


npm i eslintify

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