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ESLint rules for mocha.

Install and configure

This plugin requires ESLint 4.0.0 or later.

npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-mocha


Then add a reference to this plugin and selected rules in your eslint config:

    "plugins": [

eslint.config.js (requires eslint >= 8.23.0)

To use this plugin with the new eslint configuration format (flat config):

import mochaPlugin from 'eslint-plugin-mocha';

export default [
    mochaPlugin.configs.flat.recommended // or `mochaPlugin.configs.flat.all` to enable all
    // ... Your configurations here

Plugin Settings

This plugin supports the following settings, which are used by multiple rules:

  • additionalCustomNames: This allows rules to check additional function names when looking for suites or test cases. This might be used with a custom Mocha extension, such as ember-mocha or mocha-each.


        "rules": {
            "mocha/no-skipped-tests": "error",
            "mocha/no-exclusive-tests": "error"
        "settings": {
            "mocha/additionalCustomNames": [
                { "name": "describeModule", "type": "suite", "interfaces": [ "BDD" ] },
                { "name": "testModule", "type": "testCase", "interfaces": [ "TDD" ] }

    The name property can be in any of the following forms:

    • A plain name e.g. describeModule, which allows:

      describeModule("example", function() { ... });
    • A dotted name, e.g. describe.modifier, which allows:

      describe.modifier("example", function() { ... });
    • A name with parentheses, e.g. forEach().describe, which allows:

      forEach([ 1, 2, 3 ])
          .describe("example", function(n) { ... });
    • Any combination of the above, e.g. forEach().describeModule.modifier, which allows:

      forEach([ 1, 2, 3 ])
          .describeModule.modifier("example", function(n) { ... });



This plugin exports a recommended config that enforces good practices.

Enable it with the extends option:

    "extends": [


There's also a configuration that enables all of our rules.

See Configuring Eslint on for more info.


💼 Configurations enabled in.
⚠️ Configurations set to warn in.
🚫 Configurations disabled in.
✅ Set in the recommended configuration.
🔧 Automatically fixable by the --fix CLI option.

Name                              Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧
consistent-spacing-between-blocks Require consistent spacing between blocks 🔧
handle-done-callback Enforces handling of callbacks for async tests
max-top-level-suites Enforce the number of top-level suites in a single file
no-async-describe Disallow async functions passed to describe 🔧
no-empty-description Disallow empty test descriptions
no-exclusive-tests Disallow exclusive tests
no-exports Disallow exports from test files
no-global-tests Disallow global tests
no-hooks Disallow hooks
no-hooks-for-single-case Disallow hooks for a single test or test suite
no-identical-title Disallow identical titles
no-mocha-arrows Disallow arrow functions as arguments to mocha functions 🔧
no-nested-tests Disallow tests to be nested within other tests
no-pending-tests Disallow pending tests
no-return-and-callback Disallow returning in a test or hook function that uses a callback
no-return-from-async Disallow returning from an async test or hook
no-setup-in-describe Disallow setup in describe blocks
no-sibling-hooks Disallow duplicate uses of a hook at the same level inside a describe
no-skipped-tests Disallow skipped tests
no-synchronous-tests Disallow synchronous tests
no-top-level-hooks Disallow top-level hooks
prefer-arrow-callback Require using arrow functions for callbacks 🔧
valid-suite-description Require suite descriptions to match a pre-configured regular expression
valid-test-description Require test descriptions to match a pre-configured regular expression

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