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Install & usage

$ npm i eslint-plugin-autofix -D

add prefix "autofix" to the rulename in eslintrc:

  "plugins": ["autofix"],
  "rules": {
    "autofix/no-debugger": "error"

Supported rules

✔️ indicates that a rule is recommended for all users. 🛠 indicates that a rule is fixable.

Name ✔️ 🛠 Description
array-bracket-newline 🛠 enforce linebreaks after opening and before closing array brackets
array-bracket-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing inside array brackets
array-element-newline 🛠 enforce line breaks after each array element
arrow-body-style 🛠 require braces around arrow function bodies
arrow-parens 🛠 require parentheses around arrow function arguments
arrow-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before and after the arrow in arrow functions
block-spacing 🛠 disallow or enforce spaces inside of blocks after opening block and before closing block
brace-style 🛠 enforce consistent brace style for blocks
capitalized-comments 🛠 enforce or disallow capitalization of the first letter of a comment
comma-dangle 🛠 require or disallow trailing commas
comma-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before and after commas
comma-style 🛠 enforce consistent comma style
computed-property-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing inside computed property brackets
curly 🛠 enforce consistent brace style for all control statements
dot-location 🛠 enforce consistent newlines before and after dots
dot-notation 🛠 enforce dot notation whenever possible
eol-last 🛠 require or disallow newline at the end of files
eqeqeq 🛠 require the use of === and !==
func-call-spacing 🛠 require or disallow spacing between function identifiers and their invocations
function-call-argument-newline 🛠 enforce line breaks between arguments of a function call
function-paren-newline 🛠 enforce consistent line breaks inside function parentheses
generator-star-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing around * operators in generator functions
implicit-arrow-linebreak 🛠 enforce the location of arrow function bodies
indent 🛠 enforce consistent indentation
indent-legacy 🛠 enforce consistent indentation
jsx-quotes 🛠 enforce the consistent use of either double or single quotes in JSX attributes
key-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing between keys and values in object literal properties
keyword-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before and after keywords
linebreak-style 🛠 enforce consistent linebreak style
lines-around-comment 🛠 require empty lines around comments
lines-around-directive 🛠 require or disallow newlines around directives
lines-between-class-members 🛠 require or disallow an empty line between class members
multiline-comment-style 🛠 enforce a particular style for multiline comments
new-parens 🛠 enforce or disallow parentheses when invoking a constructor with no arguments
newline-after-var 🛠 require or disallow an empty line after variable declarations
newline-before-return 🛠 require an empty line before return statements
newline-per-chained-call 🛠 require a newline after each call in a method chain
no-alert 🛠 disallow the use of alert, confirm, and prompt
no-caller 🛠 disallow the use of arguments.caller or arguments.callee
no-confusing-arrow 🛠 disallow arrow functions where they could be confused with comparisons
no-console ✔️ 🛠 disallow the use of console
no-debugger ✔️ 🛠 disallow the use of debugger
no-div-regex 🛠 disallow division operators explicitly at the beginning of regular expressions
no-else-return 🛠 disallow else blocks after return statements in if statements
no-eq-null 🛠 disallow null comparisons without type-checking operators
no-extra-bind 🛠 disallow unnecessary calls to .bind()
no-extra-boolean-cast 🛠 disallow unnecessary boolean casts
no-extra-label 🛠 disallow unnecessary labels
no-extra-parens 🛠 disallow unnecessary parentheses
no-extra-semi 🛠 disallow unnecessary semicolons
no-floating-decimal 🛠 disallow leading or trailing decimal points in numeric literals
no-implicit-coercion 🛠 disallow shorthand type conversions
no-lonely-if 🛠 disallow if statements as the only statement in else blocks
no-multi-spaces 🛠 disallow multiple spaces
no-multiple-empty-lines 🛠 disallow multiple empty lines
no-new-symbol 🛠 disallow new operators with the Symbol object
no-plusplus ✔️ 🛠 disallow the unary operators ++ and --
no-proto 🛠 disallow the use of the __proto__ property
no-prototype-builtins 🛠 disallow calling some Object.prototype methods directly on objects
no-regex-spaces 🛠 disallow multiple spaces in regular expressions
no-spaced-func 🛠 disallow spacing between function identifiers and their applications (deprecated)
no-throw-literal 🛠 disallow throwing literals as exceptions
no-trailing-spaces 🛠 disallow trailing whitespace at the end of lines
no-undef-init 🛠 disallow initializing variables to undefined
no-unneeded-ternary 🛠 disallow ternary operators when simpler alternatives exist
no-unused-labels 🛠 disallow unused labels
no-unused-vars 🛠 disallow unused variables
no-useless-catch 🛠 disallow unnecessary catch clauses
no-useless-computed-key 🛠 disallow unnecessary computed property keys in objects and classes
no-useless-concat 🛠 disallow unnecessary concatenation of literals or template literals
no-useless-rename 🛠 disallow renaming import, export, and destructured assignments to the same name
no-useless-return 🛠 disallow redundant return statements
no-var 🛠 require let or const instead of var
no-whitespace-before-property 🛠 disallow whitespace before properties
nonblock-statement-body-position 🛠 enforce the location of single-line statements
object-curly-newline 🛠 enforce consistent line breaks inside braces
object-curly-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing inside braces
object-property-newline 🛠 enforce placing object properties on separate lines
object-shorthand 🛠 require or disallow method and property shorthand syntax for object literals
one-var 🛠 enforce variables to be declared either together or separately in functions
one-var-declaration-per-line 🛠 require or disallow newlines around variable declarations
operator-assignment 🛠 require or disallow assignment operator shorthand where possible
operator-linebreak 🛠 enforce consistent linebreak style for operators
padded-blocks 🛠 require or disallow padding within blocks
padding-line-between-statements 🛠 require or disallow padding lines between statements
prefer-arrow-callback 🛠 require using arrow functions for callbacks
prefer-const 🛠 require const declarations for variables that are never reassigned after declared
prefer-destructuring 🛠 require destructuring from arrays and/or objects
prefer-exponentiation-operator 🛠 disallow the use of Math.pow in favor of the ** operator
prefer-numeric-literals 🛠 disallow parseInt() and Number.parseInt() in favor of binary, octal, and hexadecimal literals
prefer-object-spread 🛠 disallow using Object.assign with an object literal as the first argument and prefer the use of object spread instead.
prefer-spread 🛠 require spread operators instead of .apply()
prefer-template 🛠 require template literals instead of string concatenation
quote-props 🛠 require quotes around object literal property names
quotes 🛠 enforce the consistent use of either backticks, double, or single quotes
radix 🛠 enforce the consistent use of the radix argument when using parseInt()
rest-spread-spacing 🛠 enforce spacing between rest and spread operators and their expressions
semi 🛠 require or disallow semicolons instead of ASI
semi-spacing 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before and after semicolons
semi-style 🛠 enforce location of semicolons
sort-imports 🛠 enforce sorted import declarations within modules
sort-vars 🛠 require variables within the same declaration block to be sorted
space-before-blocks 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before blocks
space-before-function-paren 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before function definition opening parenthesis
space-in-parens 🛠 enforce consistent spacing inside parentheses
space-infix-ops 🛠 require spacing around infix operators
space-unary-ops 🛠 enforce consistent spacing before or after unary operators
spaced-comment 🛠 enforce consistent spacing after the // or /* in a comment
strict 🛠 require or disallow strict mode directives
switch-colon-spacing 🛠 enforce spacing around colons of switch statements
template-curly-spacing 🛠 require or disallow spacing around embedded expressions of template strings
template-tag-spacing 🛠 require or disallow spacing between template tags and their literals
unicode-bom 🛠 require or disallow Unicode byte order mark (BOM)
valid-jsdoc 🛠 enforce valid JSDoc comments
valid-typeof 🛠 enforce comparing typeof expressions against valid strings
wrap-iife 🛠 require parentheses around immediate function invocations
wrap-regex 🛠 require parenthesis around regex literals
yield-star-spacing 🛠 require or disallow spacing around the * in yield* expressions
yoda 🛠 require or disallow "Yoda" conditions


  • to add a new rule:
npm run new ${ruleName}




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