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ESLint shareable config file for Firefox Accounts projects.


$ npm install eslint-config-fxa -D

(You'll need to install eslint dependency into your project as well.)


  1. Create an .eslintrc file in your project's root directory.
  2. Add the following content to your project's .eslintrc file: "extends": "fxa".
  3. Run $ eslint . (if you have ESLint installed globally, or call via $ ./node_modules/.bin/eslint . in your Terminal, or simply eslint . if you're using an npm script task).


There are currently three configs:

  1. fxa (usage: "extends": "fxa") — Includes base ESLint environments and rules.
  2. client (usage: "extends": "fxa/client") — Overrides base fxa config, and adds additional environments for 'amd', 'browser', and 'mocha'.
  3. server (usage: "extends": "fxa/server") — Overrides base fxa config, and disables the semi rule.


The eslint-config-fxa@2 module is compatible w/ eslint@1. If you're still using a pre ESLint v1 build, you'll need to stick with eslint-config-fxa@1.