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Edenspiekermann ESLINT Configuration

This repository contains the ESLINT configuration for linting React projects at EdenSpiekermann.


$ npm install --save-dev eslint-config-edenspiekermann


Add some ESLint config to your package.json:

    "name": "my-javascript-project",
    "eslintConfig": {
        "extends": "edenspiekermann"

Or to .eslintrc.json:

    "extends": "edenspiekermann"

Depending on how you automate your JS linting you may wish to add a lint task to the scripts block in your package.json If this is your preferred setup simply add the following task.

    "scripts": {
        "lint": "eslint --fix path/to/your/javascript/**/*.js"

You can now use this task by running npm run lint.

Integrating with Prettier

The config here is actually simply a proxy for Airbnb, prettier and prettier react configurations with a few custom overrides built in. One way you can have this code formatted on save though is through an ESLint integration in your code editor. We use the ESLint plugin for VSCode and this is configured to run on save. The code is then formatted and any errors highlighted in the editor window.

Installing the ESLint extension in VSCode

  • In VSCode you can select View > Extensions or shift + cmd + x to view the extensions sidebar and search the marketplace for the extension. Install and restart VSCode.

  • Next, select ESLint in the list of extensions and you will see the options that must be configured to enable format on save.

  • select Code > preferences > settings or cmd + , to adjust the ESLint configuration settings listed in the extension's README to format your code on save.

For other editors the instructions are basically the same, install the linting tool, sublime-linter for sublime or linter-eslint for Atom for example, and configure your settings to run and format on save.


When contributing to this repository, please first check the Github issue to see if this has already been raised or assigned. If not feel free to create an issue.

Pull Request Process

If you wish to submit a pull request please follow these simple steps:

  1. Please add some information in the Pull Request description about the proposed changes listing what files are changed and a few lines about why.
  2. Increase the version number in the package.json following the SemVer versioning scheme
  3. Following testing and approval from the ESPI development team we will merge the PR, create a release and publish it to NPM

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