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Clock JavaScript Coding Standard

This is an extension of standard minus the comma first and multi vars. We'd have loved to stick with standard 100% but we have a lot of active legacy projects and with this minor change we were able to easily nick all the good stuff that standard have defined.


In your project folder:

npm install --save-dev eslint@2.3.0
npm install --save-dev eslint-config-clock
npm install --save-dev eslint-config-standard@5.1.0
npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-standard@1.3.1

Then create a .eslintrc in the project root.

  "extends": "clock"

Any override to the standards should go in this file.

Legacy Updates

The following can be used to fix some inconsistencies from our jshint/jscs projects.

First you need to install replace

npm install -g replace
replace 'function\(' 'function (' . -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'
replace 'function\s([^\s]+?)\(' 'function $1 (' . -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'
replace '\(\s([^ ])' '($1' . -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'
replace '([^\s\n])\s+\)' '$1)' . -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'
replace 'jshint camelcase: false' 'eslint camelcase: [2, {properties: "never"}]' . -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'
replace '=\s\s+(.)' '= $1' . -m false -r --include='*.js' --exclude='node_modules,vendor'

/function\s([^\s]+?)(/ to function $1 (

') )'' to '))'

'function(' to 'function (''

'( ' to '('

',function' to ', function'

/* jshint maxcomplexity: (\d+) / to / eslint complexity: [ 2, $1 ] */