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esarchive build status

An elasticsearch archival utility with backup/restore/cleanup.


The configuration is a straightforward json file:

  "aws": {
    "access_key": "YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY",
    "access_secret": "YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_SECRET"
  "rotate": "36 days ago",
  "nodes": [
      "name": "system1",
      "http_port": 9200,
      "tcp_port": 9300,
      "index_path": "/data/elasticsearch/system1/nodes/0/indices"
      "name": "system2",
      "http_port": 9201,
      "tcp_port": 9301,
      "index_path": "/data/elasticsearch/system2/nodes/0/indices",
      "rotate": "7 days ago"

There are three main components:

  • aws
  • rotate
  • nodes


The AWS object is just a hash of your AWS access_key and access_secret.


The default rotation period for triggering an archival & cleanup.

This can be declared at the top level and also individually for a node.

Note: Unfortunately chrono-node only correctly handles days ago at the moment, so everything must be declared based on that.


Nodes must specify the following:

  • name
  • http_port
  • tcp_port
  • index_path
  • host (optional: defaults to
  • rotation (optional)