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Provides a feature to use static initializers in classes. ECMAScript 6.

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Getting Started

NPM (What is NPM? What is Grunt?)

npm install es6-static-initializer

Bower (What is Bower?)

bower install es6-static-initializer

Download directly (Do not link this directly on your site, the file is sent with a plain/text header and can cause loading problems)

API & Usage

Suggestions, Ideas & Requests

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Contribution & A Note

In the spirit of open source software development, this project is always open to and encourages community code contribution. To get started, just run through the source file, check the comments and general coding style and start to contribute.

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Copyright (c) 2014 "Richard KnG" Richárd Szakács. Licensed under the MIT license.

The license mentioned above applies to all parts of this software except as documented below

All files located in the node_modules and external directories are externally maintained libraries used by this software which have their own licenses. We recommend you read them, as their terms may differ from the terms above.


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