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    Visualize JavaScript source complexity with plato. Based on the older es5 plato, this is a port to es6 and eslint

    The Report


    Start in 3 steps.

    1. Install. npm install --save-dev es6-plato

    2. Add.

    "scripts" : {
        "complexity-report": "./node_modules/.bin/es6-plato -r -d ./report src",
    1. Run. npm run complexity-report


    Install the module with: npm install --save-dev es6-plato


    From scripts

    //be sure and set your src, output, and any options.
    let src = "./scripts/**/*.js";
    let outputDir = "./artifacts/plato";
    let platoArgs = {
      title: "example",
      eslint: {}
    //you can use the reports in the callback.
    function callback(reports) {
      let overview = plato.getOverviewReport(reports);
      let { total, average } = overview.summary;
      let output = `total
        eslint: ${total.eslint}
        sloc: ${total.sloc}
        maintainability: ${total.maintainability}
        eslint: ${average.eslint}
        sloc: ${average.sloc}
        maintainability: ${average.maintainability}`;
    //usage is plato.inspect
    plato.inspect(src, outputDir, platoArgs, callback);

    Example Gulpfile

    let gulp = require("gulp");
    let plato = require("es6-plato");
    let src = "./scripts/**/*.js";
    let outputDir = "./artifacts/plato";
    let lintRules = {
      rules: {
        indent: [2, "tab"],
        quotes: [2, "single"],
        semi: [2, "always"],
        "no-console": [1],
        curly: ["error"],
        "no-dupe-keys": 2,
        "func-names": [1, "always"]
      env: {
        es6: true
      globals: ["require"],
      parserOptions: {
        sourceType: "module",
        ecmaFeatures: {
          jsx: true,
          modules: true
    let complexityRules = {};
    let platoArgs = {
      title: "example",
      eslint: lintRules,
      complexity: complexityRules
    function analysis() {
      return plato.inspect(src, outputDir, platoArgs);
    gulp.task("analysis", analysis);

    From the commandline

    Usage : es6-plato [options] -d <output_dir> <input files>
      -h, --help
          Display this help text.
      -q, --quiet
          Reduce output to errors only
      -v, --version
          Print the version.
      -x, --exclude : String
          File exclusion regex
      -d, --dir : String *required*
          The output directory
      -r, --recurse
          Recursively search directories
      -l, --jshint : String
          Specify a jshintrc file for JSHint linting
      -t, --title : String
          Title of the report
      -D, --date : String
          Time to use as the report date (seconds, > 9999999999 assumed to be ms)
      -n, --noempty
          Skips empty lines from line count
      -e, --eslint : String
          Specify a eslintrc file for ESLint linting


    es6-plato -r -d report src

    Note for Windows Users: If you are on Windows, you might want to put your glob in quotes if you use a tool such as cygwin, conemu or some other emulator, and you are also targeting files in directories, otherwise the emulator might incorrectly expand the glob before it is handled internally by es6-plato. For instance, if you want to use /src/**/*.js and the results are ignoring the root try './src/**/*.js' instead.

    class functions, ya'll

    Data sources


    Release History

    version update
    1.0.2-alpha Project works with es6 and eslint
    1.0.6-alpha Use typhonjs-escomplex
    1.0.0 Class methods parsed and evaluated correctly
    1.0.2 Fix error when no callback supplied
    1.0.5 Update dependencies; fix lodash; add summary display link
    1.0.7 Default complexity to 1-100 not 1-177, this can be overridden in the complexity object settings.
    1.0.8 Fixes to eslint allowing for plugin usage.
    1.0.9 Update dependencies to latest versions
    1.0.13 Fix templates to work in some CI envs + add jsx support
    1.0.14 update dependencies in package.json
    1.0.15 update dependencies in package.json
    1.0.16 switch to globby, address Linux line endings
    1.0.17 Explicitly add eslint-plugin-react and update the dependencies
    1.0.18 Offer eslintrc option in cli and update documentation, update dependencies too
    1.1.15 Update the dependencies and remove Grunt, for now since it was insecure dependency
    1.1.16 Update eslint to 5.14.0
    1.2.0 Update eslint, globby, lodash, typhon-complex and others
    1.2.1 reverts typhon-complex for now, see issue #95
    1.2.2 reverts globby, 10 doesn't by default handle windows slashes
    1.2.3 updates eslint and globby


    This is currently a reimplementation of the older plato, and started as a fork from, but has since been heavily modified. After seeing it was unpublished on npm and also wanting to add more features, I Asked if it would be alright for me to publish and continue the work. This project uses eslint, not jshint for default linting.

    I have switched to the typhon-js module since it properly parses classes.


    Copyright (c) 2012 Jesse Harlin Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i es6-plato

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