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This is a collection of sweet.js macros that implement syntactic ES6 features that can be easily compiled out to ES5 JavaScript, which can be used today everywhere.

Warning: This is still in development and most of these features are not completely compliant with ES6 yet. I wouldn't recommend using it for production code yet.

Currently implemented:

  • destructuring (including elision and rest)
  • classes
  • fat arrow functions


  • rest and default arguments
  • spread operator for applying arguments
  • possibly limited for of support
  • possibly limited module support


$ npm install sweet.js es6-macros

Write your improved ES6 JavaScript, and compile it:

$ sjs -m es6-macros file.js

If you pass -c to sjs along with -o output.js, it will generate a sourcemap so you get good debugging too!


To run the tests:

npm install