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A browserify plugin that writes the error message of a failed build to the output file, rendering it in the browser.

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watchify index.js -o bundle.js -p errorify

After adding the plugin to your browserify instance, errorify prevents bundle() from emitting error's. All errors are trapped, including: invalid syntax in the source, a missing dependency, a failed transform, etc. When the error message is written to the output file, it is written to the DOM in a <pre> tag (or console.error if we are not in a browser environment).

During development, it might look like this:


Only the bundle() stream is rewritten. If you pass in a callback, it'll get the expected err and body arguments.

errorify is meant to be used with something like watchify. It saves you a trip to the terminal to see why a build failed.

Keep in mind that since errors are no longer emitted, all builds appear "successful". Careful not to deploy broken code.

Note: Only tested with Browserify 9+



var browserify = require('browserify');
var errorify = require('errorify');
var b = browserify({ /*...*/ });
b.plugin(errorify, /* errorify options */);


  • replacer (optional) is a function that takes an error as its first argument, and returns a string that will be used as the output bundle.


After installing errorify as a local devDependency, you can use the --plugin or -p option like so:

watchify index.js -o bundle.js -p errorify

CSS Customization

The added <pre> tag has the class name errorify, so you can customize errors in your page like so:

body > .errorify {
  color: red;
  font-family: 'Consolas'monospace;
  padding: 5px 10px;