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Eris is a framework-agnostic JavaScript toolkit for building real-world applications.


This project is currently in a pre-release status and not ready for full use

Eris is a development toolkit that aims to streamline the workflow of building and maintaining a modern web application.

Eris is flexible. You and your team define the way you work, not a tool or framework. Using the concept of 'configuration templates', Eris can be adapted to a new scenario, framework, or build process without impacting your other projects.

Eris has a focus on consistency and quality. Every member of a team should be able to easily share the same development workflow and have a unified build process and testing process.

Eris requires node.js v0.8.x

  • From Custom npm:

    npm install -g eris
  • From Git:

      git clone
      cd eris
      npm link

Eris intends to support Mac OS X and the most common Linux distributions. Windows support is planned, but not a focus at this time.

  • Help

      eris -h

Please verify an issue has not already been submitted before opening a new one.

Contact Travis Hilterbrand and Adam Mokan with any questions or suggestions.

Eris is built around various open-source projects and tools including (subject to change):

still thinking about this