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    Eponym is a node script capable of generating a list of words that are currently available NPM packages. The list of words is pulled from the wonderful WebstersEnglishDictionary.

    eponym: noun, a person after who a discovery, invention or place is named

    Getting started

    # Grab 20 random words from the dictionary that are 6 characters or
    # less and return the ones that are available as package names on NPM
    npx eponym --limit=20 --max-word-length=6

    An HTTP request has to be made for each word, so larger data sets can be time consuming. You can skip the wait by using the pre-compiled lists in the out/ directory.

    If you're in the middle of a long running process though, you can terminate it at any time and so long as you've passed the --write flag, the names processed so far will still be written to the file.


    Option Default Description
    -l, --limit <limit> - The number of dictionary words to run through NPM. The number of results may be less than this because any names which are already taken on NPM are not returned
    --full-dictionary false Process every word in the dictionary (Warning: This is very, very slow)
    -b, --batch-size <size> 20 The number of HTTP requests allowed to happen at once
    -m, --max-word-length <max> Limit the results to words of a certain maximum length
    -w, --write <filePath> print to console Passing this option outputs the results to the specified file instead of printing them to the console
    -p, --predictable false Do not randomly choose words from the dictionary, instead start from the beginning




    npm i eponym

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