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Subscribe to a pad and receive an email when someone edits your pad


This plugin allows users to subscribe to pads and receive email updates when a pad is being modified. You can modify the frequency. This plugin is very much in alpha stage and has a lot of things TODO (See TODO).


Make sure an SMTP gateway is installed IE postfix Configure SPF and RDNS records to ensure proper mail flow <-- Search online Copy/Edit the below to your settings.json Connect to a pad, Click on the Share/Embed link and enter in your email address. Open that pad in ANOTHER BROWSER then begin modifying, you should receive an email when the pad has begun editing and once the pad has gone stale (when everyone stops editing it and a time period passes). NOTE: You will NOT receive an email if you(the author that registered their email) are currently on or editing that pad!

 "ep_email_notifications" : {
    checkFrequency: 6000, // checkFrequency = How frequently(milliseconds) to check for pad updates -- Move me to the settings file
    staleTime: 30000,  // staleTime = How stale(milliseconds) does a pad need to be before notifying subscribers?  Move me to settings
    fromName: "Etherpad SETTINGS FILE!",
    fromEmail: "",
    urlToPads: "", // urlToPads = The URL to your pads note the trailing /
    emailServer: { // See for settings
      host: ""


  • Clean up all code


  • v2 - Get the modified contents from the API HTML diff and append that to the Email and make the email from the server HTML not plain text
  • v2 - a point to unsubscribe and validate/verify email
  • v2 - Keep a record of when a user was last on a pad