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An Etherpad Lite plugin which adds the ability to set the output tag and attributes.

Use: On an element, (say a span), add the class elem to enable the plugin on that element. Then, to set the output element (optional, defaults to span), add the class elem:elemname (eg. elem:a). For each attribute, add a class in the format attr-attrname:attrvalue, eg. attr-contentedtiable:true, attr-data-code:x%20y. Encode any attr values with encodeURIComponent.


<span class="elem elem:a">github</span>

will produce:

<a href="">github</a>

To set classes on an element, simply use attr-class:cls. You can set the style property by either creating a class as described previously, or setting the style property as per normal html development (it will be preserved).


npm run prepublish

to compile JS and package.json