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Env - In your environment managing your variables.

Build Status

Managing environment variables can be a pain. Env helps make that better.

Module status

Env is an evolving project based which came out of discussions with @joemccann and @clintandrewhall. I don't consider this package fully baked yet.

Get Env.

npm install env


Add an env.json file to your repo.

  "DB_HOST": 1,
  "DB_PORT": 1,
  "DB_USER": 1,
  "DB_PASS": 1
var env = require('env')()
env.ok(function(err) {
  if (!err) return
// Yes, it's SYNC, so you can do this too! 
function handleEnv (err) {
  if (!err) return
if (env.ok(handleEnv)) {
  var port = env.get('SETUP_PORT')

Env is sync like require, so it's tasks can be accomplished before app execution.

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