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This project was generated with Angular CLI version 7.2.1.

What is Entry Logger

NgEntryLogger is library for Angular 4+ that will create a UI for Application Logs, it will also provide team collabaration for monitoring Error counts and simple messaging feature.

Note* Messaging feature is available on versions 2.0.0 above

Getting Started

NgEntryLogger includes several dependencies such as Angular Fire and Firebase, this will require several setup.

How to Install

Step 1

Install entry-logger from npm:

npm install entry-logger --save

Step 2

Add needed package to NgModule imports:

  imports: [EntryLoggerModule.forRoot(),...]

Step 3

Install Angular Fire 2 and Firebase from npm:

npm install angularfire2 firebase --save

Step 4

Install crypto-js from npm: npm install crypto-js --save

Step 5

Install ngx-bootstrap from npm: npm install ngx-bootstrap --save

Step 6

Install font-awesome from npm: npm install font-awesome --save

Add node_modules/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.css on angular.json inside styles


Creating project in firebase

Note* this is required for saving logs in the project, entry logger will not work as firebase will serve as your database

Go to firebase.google.com

Click get Started and create a project

Go to Database and click Create Database (choose the settings you want), this will create a nosql database and will redirect you the cloud firestore page.

Now go to Project Settings and Select the Web Platform to add a project

Register the app with your project name and this will generate the Configuration to connect on your app

On your application place the firebaseConfig on the forRoot of EntryLoggerModule

      logsUrl: '/logs',
      messagesUrl: '/messages',
      usersUrl: '/users',
      key: '1234567890'
      apiKey: "AIzaSyBOCXrpjl6RFEj13BWZYX39EQDkiwgmNGA",
      authDomain: "test-project-416eb.firebaseapp.com",
      databaseURL: "https://test-project-416eb.firebaseio.com",
      projectId: "test-project-416eb",
      storageBucket: "test-project-416eb.appspot.com",
      messagingSenderId: "38629406653",

The logsUrl property is user defined will create a new collection on your firebase project when you add a log using UpdateLogService.

The messagesUrl property is user defined will create a new collection on your firebase project where all messages in the messaging feature will be stored.

The usersUrl property is user defined will create a new collection on your firebase project whera all created users will be stored

The key property is user defined, this is used to encrypt username and password.


you might encountered Missing or insufficient permissions on requesting from Angular firestore, this is casued by not permitting to read and write in the database,

Replace the Rules in the Firebase under Database with this code to resolve issue

service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /{document=**} {
      allow read, write;

Github and Documentation

Go to Ng-Entry-Logger-Repository for full documentation




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