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Enjin (In Development not 100% stable)

A quick cli angular module generator.

use the following command to generate a basic angularjs scaffolding.

enjin [appName] [moduleName]

This will generate angular modules using the appName and moduleName

enjin SampleApp Issues

will generate files in the following fashion

angular.module('SampleApp.Issues', []) ;
angular.module('SampleApp.Issues.resources', []) ;
angular.module('SampleApp.Issues.controllers.IssuesListController', [])
    .controller("IssuesListController", ['$scope', 'Issues', function($scope, Issues) {
angular.module('SampleApp.Issues.controllers.IssuesListController', [])
    .controller("IssuesEditController", ['$scope', 'issue', function($scope, issue) {