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    0.0.126 • Public • Published - socket emitting everywhere! is express middleware that wraps around, which manages the socket object as a singleton, and exposes it

    installing this package also installs and opens its connection when the main function is invoked, so there is no need to install directly. If you prefer to manage yourself and just use the wrapper, try using

    Usage (high-level)

    Attach http to This must be done before using inject, so add it near the top of your file, ususaly app.js

    let http = require('http');
    let io = require('')(http);
    // `io` is the same object returns.

    You can then inject io into express middleware in any files (even seperate route files), and gain access to it via res

    let { inject } = require('');
'/notify', inject, (req, res) => {
    'event-from-endpoint', ...req.body);
        res.status(200).send('data emitted via socket');


    This method emits an event and sends a 200 status if it succeeds (and 500 if it fails);

    let { inject } = require('');
'/notify', inject, (req, res) => {
        res.emit('socket-response', ...req.body);

    In the body of the response, the information emitted by the method is also made available.


    You can also get your io outside of express middleware in arbitrary context via get

    let endpointio = require('');
    setTimeout(() => {
        io = endpointio.get();
        io.emit('another-socket-event', 'hello from yet another file!');

    Enjoy emitting events from everywhere!

    Usage (alternate setup)

    Rather than requiring in and invoking it to get setup, you can additionally deconstruct the main function as endpointio. This might be useful if you want to use both the main function and inject/get in the same file, and really, really hate requiring in the same module twice.

    let http = require('http');
    let { endpointio, inject, get } = require('');
    let io = endpointio(http);
'/emit', inject, (req, res) => {
        res.emit('event', {id: 1234});


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