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  1. node.js is installed the correct way. Read next item to accomplish this.
  2. npm is installed the correct way.


npm install email-verificationtoken


An email address needs to be encrypted to create an email verification token. In this example is getting encrypted using KEY = 123. This key needs to be updated to create a different(your) email verification token.

// To create secret token for email adress.
var email = require('email-verificationtoken');
var KEY = '123'; // Needs to be updated.
var EMAIL_TO_ENCRYPT = ''; // Email to encrypt.
var encryptEmail = email.create(KEY);
var encrypted = encryptEmail.encrypt(EMAIL_TO_ENCRYPT); 
var decrypted = encryptEmail.decrypt(encrypted);
console.log(encrypted); // 1fb70bd0756ac12c496bcdd4b48586b027b89164850af100e0d50e80103cf367
console.log(decrypted); //