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    EMT Madrid for Node.js


    emt-mad is an API client for easy access to the EMT Madrid open data services.


    var EmtMad = require('emt-mad');
    emt = new EmtMad('idClient', 'passKey');


    This module exports a single class, EmtMad, that can be instantiated with a client ID and a pass key. This new instance can then be used to perform requests to the API.

    All methods that perform requests return Bluebird promises.

    new EmtMad(idClient, passKey)

    Creates a new object that can perform requests to the EMT OpenData API using the given idClient and passKey as provided by EMT.

    EmtMad#request(service, parameters)

    Performs a request to the specified service sending the given parameters. This is the base method upon every other builds. It allows to perform low-level requests to the API, without any transformation of input or output, other than a bit of error handling. The returned promise will get the resultValue object as-is, with any errors thrown as exceptions.

    Bus Services

    EmtMad#busGetCalendar(dateBegin, dateEnd)

    Gets a list of calendar items with some miscellaneous information about the day. dateBegin marks the start of this list and defaults to new Date(). dateEnd marks the end of the list and defaults to dateBegin.

    See the CalendarItem type for more information.


    Gets a list of "bus groups" with an identifier and a short description. The cultureInfo parameter is supposed to select the language and defaults to EmtMad.CULTURE_EN. It currently does not seem to work at all. Possible values are:

    • EmtMad.CULTURE_EN: "EN", English. Default value.
    • EmtMad.CULTURE_ES: "ES", Spanish.

    See the GroupItem type for more information.

    EmtMad#busGetLinesList(lines, date)

    Gets a list with all lines included on the lines parameters. If no lines are given, this method returns all available lines. The date parameter indicates the date for which line information is returned, and defaults to the current day.

    See the LineItem type for more information.

    Other Methods

    TODO: Add all other methods

    Data Types and Values


    • date: A Moment object constructed from the response.

    • dayType: A string value that determines the type of day from the perspective of EMT bus operation. The following constans are available for easy usage:

      • EmtMad.DAYTYPE_WORK: Working day
      • EmtMad.DAYTYPE_HOLIDAY_EVE: The day before a holiday
      • EmtMad.DAYTYPE_HOLIDAY: Holiday
    • strike: (Speculative) Whether or not there is a strike programmed for the day, as a boolean. The value of this field is converted from the observed value of "N" meaning false, and anything else meaning true.

    • weather: Unchanged value from the API representing the expected weather. Note: The existence of this field is documented, but its values aren't, and I personally have not seen it anywhere. Expect it to be undefined most times.

    • minTemp, maxTemp: Minimum and maximum temperature expected for the day. Note: In every request I did, these values were returned as 0.

    • seasonTg, seasonTU, dayTypeLT, dayTypePF, dayTypeCO: Unchanged information that I really don't know how to interpret. Help would be appreciated. These fields are subject to change in the future as I decypher what they mean.

    • week, month, trimester, quarter, semester, year, dayOfWeek: Unchanged information returned from the API. These values technically serve little purpose, as they can be calculated from the date with little effort. The existence of these fields is subject to change in the future.


    • id: An integer representing identifier of the group. The observed values include only multiples of 100.
    • description: A string with a textual description of the group.


    • id: An integer representing the identifier of the line.
    • label: The actual line name shown in every informational piece of information of the city. Usually a number, lettler, or a letter and a number.
    • group: An integer representing the group to which the line belongs. This group does not necessary matches a group from the GetGroups service.
    • nameA: The name of one of the line ends, named A.
    • nameB: The name of the other line end, named B.
    • dateFirst: The date at which this information became valid.
    • dateLast: Known date at which this information becomes invalid.




    npm i emt-mad

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