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empty-folder is a module that removes (asynchronously) the contents of the specified directory with all of its subfolders and subfiles and (optionally) the specified directory itself.

  • Any bugs found? Give me to know on dev.rafalko@gmail.com or on GitHub
  • The v1.*.* documentation [link]
  • The v2.*.* new features:
    • the remove argument has been added.
    • the callback function returns the [Object] argument with error, removed and failed property rather than [Error|null] argument.
    • the empty-folder function execution does not stop at the first failed element. It tries to remove as many elements as possible. Then fires callback function with the results.


npm install empty-folder

const empty = require('empty-folder');



const empty = require('empty-folder');
empty('./dist', false, (o)=>{
  if(o.error) console.error(o.error);

path [String]

  • It should indicate the path (directory) which children elements should be removed.

remove [Boolean]

  • If false, it only empties the path directory.
  • If true, it both empties the path directory and removes the path folder itself as well.

callback [Function]

  • It is fired once when all folders and files are (un)successfully removed.
  • The callback function is called with one [Object] argument of the following properties:
    • error: [Error] error, if the path does not exist or is inaccessible or if at least one child could not be removed. Otherwise null
    • removed: The [Array] list of absolute paths of all successfully removed files and folders of the path directory.
    • failed: The [Array] list of absolute paths of all path directory children that could not be removed.

How it works under the hood

  • takes the paths of all (sub)files and (sub)folders
  • removes all (sub)files with native nodejs fs.unlink
  • removes all (sub)folders in order (beginning with the most rooted) with native nodejs fs.rmdir
  • if some of the files or folders cannot be removed, it is pushed into [Array] failed list.

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