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"...For when you are in a bind..."


A very simple, zero-config emergency DNS server. Use this if you want to answer some DNS queries, but relegate the majority of the work to a (real) upstream server.


npm install emergency-dns-server -g


ednsd -p 5500 -u

This will set up the emergency DNS server to listen on port 5500, and to answer A queries for with the IP address and MX queries for with the IP address All other requests will be proxied to the upstream server at

If you don't provide a -p flag, ednsd will startup on port 53 as usual. But note, you'll have to be root to do that.


If you want to change/build this thing from scratch, you'll need one additional prerequesite --- IcedCoffeeScript. Get it like so:

npm install iced-coffee-script -g

And then you can build by running:

icake build

from the top directory. The file ./cmd.js is hand-written, but everything else in lib/ is generated from a .iced file found in the src/ directory.


You can supply -U <user> and -G <group> to have ednsd setuid and setgid respectively. This is good for security if you are running as root and binding to port 53.