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An npm module for the ember-template-compiler.js file that ships with ember.js

What can I do with this?

If you have a client build process and need to compile handlebars templates for ember.js

npm install ember-template-compiler

var compiler = require('ember-template-compiler');
var template = fs.readFileSync('foo.handlebars').toString();
var input = compiler.precompile(template).toString();
var output = "Ember.TEMPLATES['foo'] = Ember.Handlebars.template(" + input + ");";

Additionally you can pass a second argument into precompile which will build the precompiled template as an object (true or undefined) or as a string (false). Building as a string is more efficient than building as an object then converting it to a string.

var input = compiler.precompile(template, false);
var output = "Ember.TEMPLATES['foo'] = Ember.Handlebars.template(" + input + ");";

Handlebars Version

This package will utilize any recent Handlebars version. To require a specific version simply specify it in your package.json. By default the latest 1.x version will be used.


To run the tests you must have the following node packages installed: jasmine-node, and handlebars. Then run

npm test


Copyright © 2013 Toran Billups

Licensed under the MIT License