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    The Ember Resolver is the mechanism responsible for looking up code in your application and converting its naming conventions into the actual classes, functions, and templates that Ember needs to resolve its dependencies, for example, what template to render for a given route. It is a system that helps the app resolve the lookup of JavaScript modules agnostic of what kind of module system is used, which can be AMD, CommonJS or just plain globals. It is used to lookup routes, models, components, templates, or anything that is used in your Ember app.

    This project provides the Ember resolver used by the following projects:


    ember-resolver is an ember-cli addon, and should be installed with ember install:

    ember install ember-resolver


    To customize pluralization provide a pluralizedTypes object to your extended version of the Resolver in consuming app:

    # app/resolver.js
    import Resolver from 'ember-resolver';
    export default Resolver.extend({
      pluralizedTypes: {
        'sheep': 'sheep',
        'strategy': 'strategies'


    ember-resolver is normally bumped with ember-cli releases. To install a newer version use yarn or npm. For example:

    yarn upgrade ember-resolver

    Migrating from bower

    Before v1.0.1 ember-resolver was primarially consumed via bower. To migrate install the addon version via yarn or npm. If you're currently using ember-resolver v0.1.x in your project, you should uninstall it:

    bower uninstall ember-resolver --save

    You can continue to use ember-resolver v0.1.x as a bower package, but be careful not to update it to versions greater than v1.0.

    Addon Development


    • git clone this repository
    • npm install
    • bower install


    Running Tests

    • ember test
    • ember test --server


    • ember build

    For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.


    As mentioned above, ember-resolver is no longer a bower package. If you're seeing a message like this:

    Unable to find a suitable version for ember-resolver, please choose one:
        1) ember-resolver#~0.1.20 which resolved to 0.1.21 and is required by ember-resolver#2.0.3
        2) ember-resolver#~2.0.3 which resolved to 2.0.3 and is required by [APP_NAME]

    ... you probably need to update your application accordingly. See aptible/dashboard.aptible.com#423 as an example of how to update.



    npm i ember-resolver

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