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    This addon provides three components that work together to provide positioned overlays on top of your existing content.


    • Ember.js v2.16 or above
    • Ember CLI v2.16 or above


    ember install ember-overlays


    We provide three components:


    First, you mark up a location that you may want to overlay:

    I can {{#mark-overlay id="example"}}mark up{{/mark-overlay}} anything, even plain text nodes.

    You must provide an id so that you can refer to this mark in order to actually draw an overlay over it.

    You may also optionally provide a group, which is an arbitrary string that can also be used filter which marks you will show. Addon authors are encouraged to use group so they don't collide with others.

    You may also optionally set a model on the mark, which will be available when you're showing an overlay over it (see below).


    The overlay-marks component provides access to the all the marks that are currently rendered. It yields them to you, and then you decide how and if to show them. You can optionally filter by group and/or id.

    {{#overlay-marks group="my-fancy-marks" as |mark|}}
      {{#create-overlay at=mark label=mark.model.name highlighted=showOverlay}}
        Overlay content

    The values you are given here have the id, group, and model you provided via mark-overlay.


    To actually render an overlay, you pass one of the marks to create-overlay. It takes the following options:

    • at: the mark on which to render.
    • label: an optional text label to render above the overlay.
    • labelComponent: an optional component to render instead of the label. Overrides the label property.
    • class: optional DOM classes that will be set on the overlay (this works like any other Ember component)
    • hoverable: if true, this overlay will become visible when hovered.
    • highlighted: when true, this overlay will be visible.
    • focused: when true, a dark scrim will appear around this overlay, blocking out the rest of your app.
    • lockWhileFocused: if true, the overlay will stop tracking its mark while focused. This can prevent annoying behaviors if the user is interacting with the overlay and the underlying mark moves. If false, the overlay will constantly move to track its mark.
    • onclick: an action that will fire if the overlay is clicked.
    • dismiss: an action that will fire if the overlay is focused and the user clicks outside the overlay, on the scrim.

    Demo app

    This repo's dummy app has a working demo page.

    Contributing / Testing / Building

    See the Contributing guide for details.


    npm i ember-overlays

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