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The goal of ember-mixpanel is to provide a Ember-friendly wrapper around the mixpanel library, along with a few helpers to help you track events. All you need to do is include the mixpanel library in your index.html file.

Getting Started

This is an ember-cli addon, so all you need to do is

    npm install --save ember-mixpanel

After that, you should have a mixpanel dependency injected on your routes, controllers and views. You can do things like:

        '$email': 'foo@example.com',
        'foobar': 'baz'


    this.get('mixpanel.track')( "I'm an event name", {
        'ember': 'great',
        'freshbooks': 'greatest'

Note that this.get('mixpanel.XXX') accesses return a function (provided by the Mixpanel library), so you'll want to subsequently invoke that function with whatever arguments it takes. See https://mixpanel.com/help/reference/javascript-full-api-reference for a list of available methods.

Click tracking

In Ember views, there is an additional method available on this.mixpanel called trackClick. Invoking that method with a javascript click event will track the click in Mixpanel with the following niceties:

Ember.View has been reopened to accept an optional data-mixpanel-event attribute. If this attribute is on the DOM element we'll use that as the event name in Mixpanel.

Try something like:

        instrumentClicks: function(e) {
            this.get('mixpanel').trackClick(e, {
                'additional': 'properties'

Supposing the underlying DOM element's markup is something like:

    <div data-mixpanel-event="Foo Event Name">
       <checkbox name="helloworld" />
       <label for="helloworld">Hello, world!</label>

Whenever the label, checkbox or div is clicked an event named Click: Foo Event Name will be logged in Mixpanel with the additional properties on it as described above. Neat!

Note: ember-mixpanel will walk up the DOM tree and use the data-mixpanel-event attribute from the closest parent to the element that was clicked on.

Safety included

In some environments (development, testing, etc.) the window.mixpanel object might not exist. You don't need to guard against this case, since ember-mixpanel will neuter calls to Mixpanel methods if they can't be performed. You'll see a WARNING log entry in your browser's console if we can't find the window.mixpanel object.


This library is lovingly brought to you by the FreshBooks developers. We've released it under the MIT license.



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