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ember-css-modules-sass Build Status

This ember-css-modules plugin automatically configures ECM to handle SCSS syntax and work collaboratively with ember-cli-sass.


This addon will typically be used alongside both ember-css-modules and ember-cli-sass.

ember install ember-css-modules ember-cli-sass ember-css-modules-sass


Just the same as with vanilla ember-css-modules, but using .scss files for your modules, e.g.

{{! app/components/my-component/template.hbs }}
<div local-class="cool">😎</div>
// app/components/my-component/styles.scss 
@mixin blowinUp($factor) {
  font-size: $factor;
.cool {
  @include blowinUp(200%);



This plugin will configure ember-css-modules so that classes in all .scss files in your project will be namespaced. If you need finer-grained control over the treatment of specific aspects of the interplay between CSS Modules and Sass, see the ember-css-modules preprocessors guide.