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Ember-cli-password-toggle is an ember component that provides an easy way to show and hide a password via a toggle button.


# install via npm 
$ npm install ember-cli-password-toggle --save-dev

Password Toggle

{{password-toggle password=model.password}}

Optionally you set:

  • custom classes
  • wrapperClass
  • buttonClass
  • inputClass
  • inputId
  • focus=true
{{password-toggle password=model.password inputId="input-id" wrapperClass="outerDivClass" buttonClass="buttonCustomClass" inputClass="inputCustomClass" focus=true}}

Migrating from Version 1.x to 2.x

In order to prevent browsers from storing passwords when 'SHOW' is toggled, the plugin has been changed to automatically set the autocomplete value to 'off' when displaying the password in the clear.

Running the unit tests

npm install
bower install
ember test


Copyright © 2016 Nick Christus

Licensed under the MIT License