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Ember Page Objects

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Represent the screens of your web app as a series of objects. This ember-cli addon eases the construction of these objects for your acceptance and integration tests.

What is a Page Object?

An excerpt from the Selenium Wiki

Within your web app's UI there are areas that your tests interact with. A Page Object simply models these as objects within the test code. This reduces the amount of duplicated code and means that if the UI changes, the fix need only be applied in one place.

The pattern was first introduced by the Selenium

You can find more information about this design pattern here:


Let's work together to improve this addon!

You can find us on the official Slack, join the ec-page-object channel or open an issue on Github to request features, report bugs or just to ask any question.


$ ember install ember-cli-page-object

Or you can install the NPM package directly.

$ npm install --save-dev ember-cli-page-object


Check the site for full documentation.


The addon includes the following blueprints

  • page-object Creates a new page object
  • page-object-component Creates a new component to be used in a page object
  • page-object-helper Creates a new helper to be used in a page object
  • component-test Creates a new optimized component test with a matching page object component when used with the --page-object flag

You can create a new page object called users using the generate command

$ ember generate page-object users
  create tests/pages/users.js

To create a new component with an integration test based on a page object component just add the --page-object flag to your generate command:

$ ember g component my-component --page-object
installing component
  create app/components/my-component.js
  create app/templates/components/my-component.hbs
installing component-test
  create tests/integration/components/my-component-test.js
installing page-object-component
  create tests/pages/components/my-component.js

It creates the component itself, a page object component with the same name to run your assertions against, and a special component integration test that contains all the necessary setup code to run your tests.



$ git clone
cd $_
$ yarn install # or npm install 
$ bower install

Running Tests

$ npm test # runs tests against multiple Ember versions and runs node tests 
$ ember test --server # for development 

Project's health

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  • Santiago Ferreira (@san650)
  • Juan Manuel Azambuja (@juanazam)
  • Jerad Gallinger (@jeradg)
  • Anna Andresian (@magistrula)
  • Ruslan Grabovoy (@ro0gr)


ember-cli-page-object is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.