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ember-cli addon that sets the foundation reveal root_element to a value that you customize or a reasonable default.


npm install ember-cli-foundation-modal --save-dev

To use this modal in your app

If you are using Ember 1.X or < 2.1 you will need to use version 0.3.1. Ember 2.1 introduced an API change to the initializers that removed container as the first argument.

Versions of Ember > 2.1 will be deprecation free with 1.0.0.

bower install zurb foundation 5.5

bower install foundation --save

The purpose of this project is to set a reasonable default for reveal's modal location. This default will work great as long as your app doesn't have nested routes.

More than likely, you will need to customize the location of the modal further by assigning it to the top level div in your ember application. To do this, customize the APP portion your environment.js file.

In addition, you probably don't want to wait for the modal during your tests, so you should set the animation speed for the modal to 0.

module.exports = function(/* environment, appConfig */) {
  return {
    APP: {
      foundationModalElement: '#ember-application',
      foundationModalAnimationSpeed: 0

Running Tests

npm install
bower install
ember test


Copyright © 2015 Toran Billups

Licensed under the MIT License