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    An ember-cli-deploy-plugin for sending deployment messages to Slack.

    What is an ember-cli-deploy plugin?

    A plugin is an addon that can be executed as a part of the ember-cli-deploy pipeline. A plugin will implement one or more of the ember-cli-deploy's pipeline hooks.

    For more information on what plugins are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

    Quick Start

    To get up and running quickly, do the following:

    • Install this plugin
    $ ember install ember-cli-deploy-slack
    • Create a webhook in Slack.

    • Place the following configuration into config/deploy.js

    ENV.slack = {
      webhookURL: '<your-webhook-URI>'
    • Run the pipeline
    $ ember deploy

    ember-cli-deploy Hooks Implemented

    For detailed information on what plugin hooks are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

    • configure
    • willDeploy
    • willBuild
    • build
    • didBuild
    • willUpload
    • upload
    • didUpload
    • willActivate
    • activate
    • didActivate
    • didDeploy
    • didFail

    Configuration Options

    For detailed information on how configuration of plugins works, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.


    The webhook in Slack that the plugin will notify.


    The channel in slack that the notification should be displayed in in Slack.


    The username that will send the message in Slack.


    URL to an image to use as the message's icon.


    Slack emoji code to use as the message's icon (like :heart_eyes_cat: or :saxophone:).


    ember-cli-deploy-slack will send default messages on the didDeploy- and didFail-hooks on the pipeline. Because every team is different and people tend to customize their automatic slack notifications messages can be customized.

    To customize a message you simply add a function to your slack configuration options that is named the same as the hook notification you want to customize:

    ENV.slack = {
      webhookURL: '<your-webhook-URI>',
      channel: '#notifications',
      username: 'ember-cli-deploy',
      didDeploy: function(context) {
        return function(slack) {
          return slack.notify({
            text: 'w00t I can haz customizations!'

    Notification hooks will be passed the deployment context and the slackNotifier utility class. The SlackNotifier uses node-slackr under the hood so you can use its notify-function accordingly. This enables you to customize your messages in any way possible.

    Because of the way ember-cli-deploy merges return values of hooks back into the deployment context, you can easily add custom properties to the deployment context if that's what you need to do:

    ENV.slack = {
      webhookURL: '<your-webhook-URI>',
      willDeploy: function(context) {
        return function(slack) {
          return {
            slackStartDeployDate: new Date()
      didDeploy: function(context) {
        return function(slack) {
          var start = context.slackStartDeployDate;
          var end = new Date();
          var duration = (end - start) / 1000;
          return slack.notify({
            text: 'Deploy took '+duration+' seconds'

    Please see the Slack API documentation for message formatting to see how you can customize your messages.

    Running Tests

    • yarn test

    Why ember build and ember test don't work

    Since this is a node-only ember-cli addon, this package does not include many files and dependencies which are part of ember-cli's typical ember build and ember test processes.


    npm i ember-cli-deploy-slack

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