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    An ember-cli-deploy plugin to update a commit's deployment status on GitHub

    This plugin uses the GitHub Repository Deployments API to update the deployment status of a commit. This deployment status will appear in Pull Requests that contain the commit.


    What is an ember-cli-deploy plugin?

    A plugin is an addon that can be executed as a part of the ember-cli-deploy pipeline. A plugin will implement one or more of the ember-cli-deploy's pipeline hooks.

    For more information on what plugins are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

    Quick Start

    To get up and running quickly, do the following:

    • Install this plugin
    $ ember install ember-cli-deploy-github-deployment-status
    • Place the following configuration into config/deploy.js
    ENV['github-deployment-status'] = {
      org: '<github-org>',
      repo: '<github-repo>',
      ref: '<commit-ish-ref>'
    • Run the pipeline
    $ ember deploy production

    Why would I use this plugin?

    You would use this plugin if you would like to add information about the deployment of your application to your Pull Requests. This plugin will allow you to add a preview link to a deployed revision of your application in to the timeline of the Pull Request so anyone reviewing the PR can easily get to the deployed version of code.

    What does it actually do?

    Ths plugin uses the Github Repository Deployments API to create a deployment for a commit and to update it's status based on the success or failure of your deployment.

    This plugin first implements the willDeploy hook where it will create a new deployment for the commit ref specified. This will add a new entry to the PR with a status of pending.

    Then, if the deployment is successful, in the didDeploy hook, it will update the deployment status to success. If you provide at target_url, then a link will also be added to the status.

    If, however, the deployment fails and the didFail hook is fired, the deployment status will be updated to failed.


    Run the following command in your terminal:

    ember install ember-cli-deploy-github-deployment-status

    ember-cli-deploy hooks implemented

    For detailed information on what plugin hooks are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

    • configure
    • setup
    • willDeploy
    • didDeploy
    • didFail

    Configuration Options

    For detailed information on how configuration of plugins works, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

    org (required)

    The GitHub org that hosts the repo in which you'd like to update the deployment status.

    repo (required)

    The GitHub repo in which you'd like to update the deployment status

    ref (required)

    The commit-ish ref that is being deployed. This can be a branch, tag or SHA. See the GitHub docs for more info.


    An access token that has access to read and modify deplyoment statuses. This is only needed if the repo is "private". The access token must have either the repo or repo_dpeloyment scopes enabled.

    Default: null


    The ID of a github deployment that has been created outside of ember-cli-deploy. You might use this if you have some other system that has created the the deployment and kicked off ember-cli-deploy and you merely want this plugin to update the deployment status.

    If this property does not exist, this plugin will create the deployment as well.

    Default: null


    The target URL to associate with this status. This URL should contain output to keep the user updated while the task is running or serve as historical information for what happened in the deployment. See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: null


    Optional parameter to specify a task to execute. See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: deploy


    Optional parameter to merge the default branch into the requested ref if it is behind the default branch. See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: false


    Optional array of status contexts verified against commit status checks. If this parameter is omitted from the parameters then all unique contexts will be verified before a deployment is created. To bypass checking entirely pass an empty array. See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: []


    Optional JSON payload with extra information about the deployment. See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: null


    Optional name for the target deployment environment (e.g., production, staging, qa). See the GitHub docs for more info.

    Default: 'production'


    This plugin has no prerequisites.

    Running Tests

    • npm test

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    npm i ember-cli-deploy-github-deployment-status

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