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    An ember-cli-deploy plugin to deploy your app to firebase hosting.

    This plugin will deploy your ember-cli app to firebase hosting.

    What is an ember-cli-deploy plugin?

    A plugin is an addon that can be executed as a part of the ember-cli-deploy pipeline. A plugin will implement one or more of the ember-cli-deploy's pipeline hooks.

    For more information on what plugins are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.


    If you need to continue using firebase 2.x, please use the 0.1.x branch.

    Quick Start

    To get up and running quickly, do the following:

    $ npm install -g firebase-tools
    • Install the ember-cli-deploy tool
    $ ember install ember-cli-deploy
    • Install this plugin and its dependencies using the plugin pack
    $ ember install ember-cli-deploy-firebase-pack
    • Set up firebase in your app, answering dist when asked 'What directory should be the public root?'.
    $ firebase init
    • Run the pipeline
    $ ember deploy production
    • Open your app!
    $ firebase open hosting:site


    Run the following commands in your terminal:

    ember install ember-cli-deploy
    ember install ember-cli-deploy-firebase

    ember-cli-deploy Hooks Implemented

    For detailed information on what plugin hooks are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

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    Configuration Options

    For detailed information on how configuration of plugins works, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.


    The name of the firebase app you want to deploy to. If not specified, firebase-tools will pick this up from the firebase.json file it created in your project directory.

    ENV = {
      firebase: {
        appName: 'your-firebase-app-name'


    If you have multiple firebase users, it's helpful to use a token instead.

    Option 1 (Recommended)

    1. Run firebase login:ci and add the code to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile: export FIREBASE_TOKEN=ASDF1234, replacing ASDF1234 with whatever token you received from the previous command.
    2. Run source ~/.bashrc or source ~/.profile depending on the above.
    3. Congrats! Your project should run ember deploy production as well as other firebase-tools commands successfully, no addition to config/deploy.js needed.
    4. You can always still add ENV.firebase.deployToken = process.env.FIREBASE_TOKEN but it is not necessary.

    Option 2

    1. Run firebase login:ci and copy the code you receive.
    2. (optional) Create a file in the project root .env.deploy.production and add FIREBASE_TOKEN=ASDF1234 replacing ASDF1234 with the code from step 1.
    3. In config/deploy.js
    ENV = {
      firebase: {
        deployToken: 'asdf1234'
        // deployToken: process.env.FIREBASE_TOKEN (if .env stuff is your style)

    After this you should be able to deploy regardless of what account is currently logged in.


    If you have customised the location your builds go, we'll pass that on.

    deploy messages

    If you install the ember-cli-deploy-revision-data plugin, its generated revision key will be used as the deploy message.


    npm i ember-cli-deploy-firebase

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