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    Similar to the functionality of ember-cli-deploy-redis, but uses Fastly edge dictionaries as the key-value store. You will likely want to pair this addon with an addon like ember-cli-deploy-redis so that your development and staging environments also have access to your uploaded index files.

    What are Fastly Edge Dictionaries?

    Fastly is a CDN. Edge Dictionaries are a simple key-value store that you can access via the Fastly API. You can reference the values stored in an edge dictionary in VCL - the configuration language used to control Fastly's custom version of Varnish.

    Example Configuration (simplified)

    With the example configuration, requests to /my/app/route won't need to hit the origin server.

    The synthetic command available within the vcl_error subroutine allows delivery of content defined in an edge dictionary. To use it, read the index content out of the edge dictionary and store it in a temporary header. Then use a custom error value to pass control to the vcl_error subroutine.

    sub vcl_recv {
      if (req.url ~ "/my/app/route") {
        set req.http.X-Content = table.lookup(my_app_edge_dictionary, "my-app-prefix:index");
        error 910; # a custom error number to indicate `X-Content` should be used as the content
    sub vcl_error {
      if (obj.status == 910) {
        set obj.status = 200;
        set obj.http.Content-Type = "text/html";
        synthetic req.http.X-Content;

    Useful considerations when using edge dictionaries

    limitations and considerations

    • Dictionaries are limited to 1000 key-value pairs
    • Keys are limited to 256 characters
    • Values are limited to 8000 characters
    • You must create a dictionary using the API to be able to manipulate it using the API
    • You cannot use ESI behavior with content taken from a dictionary and delivered with synthetic


    npm i ember-cli-deploy-fastly-edge-dictionary

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