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Getting started

To get started, install the emailizer module. I recommend installing it globally so you can simply call it from anywhere and watch a specific folder:

npm install emailizer -g

Creating an email from scratch

You can also use emailizer as a framework to start a basic email template (this will create a folder called NAME in the current directory and copy a sample email - based on Ink, and open an http server to show the email in the browser):

emailizer create NAME

Watching a directory

You can then use emailizer to watch an html email which has its CSS linked in the head and auto-render to an output folder:

emailizer watch ./SOURCE ./DEST

Note: You can use both relative and absolute paths.


  • Ink []
  • Juice2 []
  • node-watch []
  • node-static (could be removed, but allows to quickly display the email the browser)
  • fs-extra


This module was brought to you by Sam at Domani Studios