node package manager



Uninstall current nodejs

Install latest node (4.x)

Uninstall global babel (cmd)

npm uninstall -g babel

Be sure npm version is 2.x:

npm install -g npm@latest-2

Delete node_modules from project root

Open package.json and change em-project-builder version to 1.1.4 (or newer, if available):

  "dependencies": {
    "em-project-builder": "1.1.4",

Reinstall all required node modules:

npm install

Start the project:

gulp serve


Delete node_modules from your project root

Be sure babel isn't installed globally:

npm uninstall -g babel

Be sure you are using the latest npm v2.x (npm v3.x isn't supported!):

npm install npm@latest-2

Reinstall all required modules - run the following command while in project root dir:

npm install