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    Hi there, this package helps in truncating the overflown text or inline element with ellipsis & shows tooltip on hover. It comes into effect only when the text is overflown, else it looks like a normal element. This is dynamic i.e., when screen is minimized, more elements get truncated & it dynamically show tooltips wherever necessary. This uses react-tooltip package to display truncated content & uuid to generate unique id's for tooltips.




    npm install --save ellipsis-tooltip-react-chan

    NOTE: This package includes it's own type definitions. No need to install external @types package to work with typescript.


    All we need is to wrap this with any element that has a fixed width. To configure the tooltip settings, it accepts options as prop. From the below example, place refers to place of tooltip. It can be left,right,top,bottom. You can find more information about other options at react-tooltip documentation.

    NOTE: The effect works only if you pass direct text or any inline or inline-block elements as children. See the examples below:

    import React from 'react';
    import './App.css';
    import EllipsisToolTip from "ellipsis-tooltip-react-chan";
    function App() {
      const options = {
        effect: "solid",
        place: "top"
      return (
        <div style={{ width: "50px", margin: "5rem" }}>
          <EllipsisToolTip options={options}>
             Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Libero, fugiat.
    export default App;

    Span element

    <EllipsisToolTip options={options}>
           Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur.

    Anchor element

    <EllipsisToolTip options={options}>
      <a href="">
        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur

    Table cell

    When you are explicitly adding the width to the columns, do not forget to apply table-layout: fixed as the table style.

    <table style={{tableLayout : "fixed"}}>
        <td style={{maxWidth : "10vw"}}>
          <EllipsisToolTip options={options}>
            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur

    and etc.....


    When it recieves children, it wraps around an inline-block element to give the effect & inline-block elements have extra space around them. So, when placed in a table cell or CSS Grid, it gives a wired look. So we can pass style explicitly float:left as shown below to prevent this. Use this hack whenever necessary.

      <td style={{maxWidth : "10vw"}}>
        <EllipsisToolTip style={{float: "left"}} options={options}>
          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur

    By default, the font is inherited. If we want to pass any extra styles, you can make use of style prop as shown above. This doesn't affect the tooltip styles but only the wrapper I mentioned. If you wish to change the tool tip styles, you need to send the className in options. Go through the react-tooltip documentation for more information. I have briefly mentioned about styling the tooltip in my DEMO as well under TABLE/CSS GRID section. Have a look if necessary.


    You might run into an issue when there is state change and tool tips aren't diplaying properly, you might have to restart the react-toolip as below.

    import ReactTooltip from "react-tooltip";
    useEffect(() => {
    },[pass dependency array]);


    I am extremely glad that you thought of using this package in you project. If you like my work, I would really appreciate if you provide a star on github repo. If you stumble across any issues, kindly raise an issue for the same.


    npm i ellipsis-tooltip-react-chan

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