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    Element Plus - A Vue.js 3 UI library

    • 💪 Vue 3 Composition API
    • 🔥 Written in TypeScript

    Status: Beta

    This project is still under heavy development. Feel free to join us and make your first pull request.

    Getting Started

    Alright, for you to get started if you are looking for making Element Plus better you should keep reading. For developers that uses Element Plus to develop your website you should go ahead visit Getting Started


    You can also try Element Plus out with the components built-in playground (This thing is still under development, most of the functions are ready)

    Try it with code sandbox

    Edit element-plus

    Try it with our built-in playground


    Special thanks to the generous sponsorship by:


    Element Plus is translated to multiple languages, you can click the badge to help up update the translation or apply to become a proofreader Crowdin

    For now we are only showing English and Chinese for resource reasons, but we are looking forward to translate it into more languages, please go to the link above and leave a message if you want to help translating Element Plus into your desired language.

    Stay tuned 👀

    Join our Discord to start communicating with everybody.

    Breaking change list

    Note: we are now currently preparing for the stable release, the APIs should be stable right now, we are going to make a full list about how to get upgraded from Element UI to Element Plus. This breaking change list might be updated day by day.

    You can find the breaking change list here: Breaking Change List.

    This thing is broken, I should help improve it!

    Awesommmmmmee. Everything you need is down below. You can also refer to CONTRIBUTING and Code of Conduct where you'll find the same information listed below.

    I would like to become a part of the development team!

    Welcome 🤩! We are looking for talented developers to join us and making Element Plus better! If you care to join the development team, please reach out to us, you are more than welcomed to join us! ❤️

    We are now lacking of experts of Testing, GitHub Actions, PM, if you do feel like you can and willing to help us, please do reach out to us. 🙏


    Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. Become a sponsor


    This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

    And thank you to all our backers! 🙏


    Element Plus is open source software licensed as MIT.


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