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Element Command Line Interface elementctl

Flood Element is a browser based load generation tool built on top of Puppeteer. It provides an easy to use set of commands for automating most user interfaces, including mouse actions such as click and drag, keyboard key press actions, and working with inputs, buttons, and menus.


element run <file.ts> [options]

Run a test script locally.


  • --browser Specify the browser type used to run the test, using either 'chromium' (default), 'firefox' or 'webkit'.
  • --executable-path path to the installation folder of a custom Chromium-based browser, used to run the test. If set, Element will ignore the browser settings, and use this custom browser instead.
  • --chrome Specify which version of Google Chrome to use. DEPRECATED
  • --no-headless Run in non-headless mode so that you can see what the browser is doing as it runs the test
  • --devtools Run in non-headless mode and also open devtools
  • --no-sandbox Disable the chrome sandbox - advanced option, mostly necessary on linux

Running the test script:

  • --watch Watch <file> and rerun the test when it changes.
  • --fast-forward, --ff Run the script in fast-forward: override the actionDelay and stepDelay settings to 1 second in the test script Specify a number to set a different delay.
  • --slow-mo Run the script in slow-motion: Increase the actionDelay and stepDelay settings in the test script to 10 seconds. Specify a number to set a different delay.
  • --step-delay Override stepDelay test script setting
  • --action-delay Override actionDelay test script setting
  • --loop-count Override the loopCount setting in the test script.
  • --strict Compile the script in strict mode. This can be helpful in diagnosing problems.


  • --work-root Specify a custom work root to save the test results. (Default: a directory named after your test script, under /tmp/element-results of your project folder)
  • --test-data-root Specify a custom path to find test data files. (Default: the same directory as the test script)


  • file the test script to run

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