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.NET and Node.js in-process on Electron

This is a fork of edge-js adapted to support Electron.

Compatible with

  • Electron 1.6.x - Node.js v7.4.0.
  • Electron 1.7.x - Node.js v7.9.0.
  • Electron 1.8.x - Node.js v8.2.1.
  • Electron 2.x - Node.js v8.9.3.
  • Electron 3.x - Node.js v10.2.0.
  • Electron 4.0.4+ - Node.js v10.11.0.
  • Electron 5.x - Node.js v12.0.0.
  • Electron 6.x - Node.js v12.4.0.
  • Electron 7.x - Node.js v12.8.1
  • Electron 8.x - Node.js v12.13.0

Usage is the same as edge or edge-js, replace require('edge') or require('edge-js') with require('electron-edge-js'):

npm install electron-edge-js
-var edge = require('edge-js');
+var edge = require('electron-edge-js');
var helloWorld = edge.func(function () {/*
    async (input) => {
        return ".NET Welcomes " + input.ToString();

Requirements (Windows)

You must install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x86)

Why use electron-edge-js?

Electron is built using specific version of Node.js. In order to use edge in Electron project you would need to recompile it using the same Node.js version and Electron headers.

electron-edge-js comes precompiled with correct Node.js versions and headers.

Differences from electron-edge

  • Uses same codebase as edge-js that comes with both latest code changes from edge project and additional fixes and improvements available in edge-js project.
  • Supports majority of Electron versions.

Quick start

Simple app that shows how to work with .NET Core using compiled C# libraries.


npm i electron-edge-js

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