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An opinionated meta config runner for react components, doing the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Bolt makes creating new react component libraries easy.

It provides tasks for different phases of a component library development cycle, such as:

  • dev and hot - the ability to
  • lint - Run eslint on demo, src, test
  • test - Run tests in test/client/
  • build - Generate an npm package


To get the most out of bolt, install the command line tool:

$ npm install electrode-bolt-cli -g

This will allow you to directly run bolt from the command line, instead of having to put it behind scripts in your package.json.

within a react component library, run:

$ npm install electrode-bolt --save
  1. in your package.json, replace existing scripts with bolt <task> where the task is the name of the task being replaced. For instance: "cov-frontend": "istanbul check-coverage 'coverage/client/*/coverage.json'" would be replaced with "cov-frontend": "bolt cov-frontend".
  2. Enjoy seamless integration with pre-existing configs for your opininated electrode component!

If you're using electrode-bolt-cli (npm install electrode-bolt-cli -g), run bolt within your package to see the scripts that are available to you.


Running npm run <task> will run the appropriate bolt task that's in your package.json.

Unique Configuration

So you don't want to use a bolt command out of the box? No problem!

You can override a command in your package.json and run bolt <cmd> and bolt will opt for your script over the script it provides.

For example, say you run:

$ bolt clean-dist

bolt will run rimraf on your dist directory. If you wanted it to do something else such as echo "I love electricity!", you can put the following script in your scripts object:

"scripts": {
  "clean-dist": "echo 'I love electricity!'"

Now when you run bolt clean-dist, rather than it running rimraf dist, it will echo "I love electricity!".


Going through and modifying *.config* files in every react component library you have (which correlates 1:1 to a git repository) is a huge pain in the butt, it's a lot of copy/pasta and no one should 1) have to do that and 2) have to endure the possible degradation over time of human copy/pasta.

This package tries to solve the problem of creating a "meta-monolith" that stands behind our components so people can just build cool stuff and not worry about all the config that goes into keeping a component up to date.

Maybe one day it won't be opinionated. But this day? Not this day.

Opinionated Directory Structure

|-- my_project
|   |-- package.json
|   |-- demo
|   |   |-- index.html
|   |   |-- demo.jsx
|   |-- dist
|   |-- src
|   |   |-- components
|   |   |   |-- component.jsx
|   |   |-- index.js
|   |-- docs
|   |-- test
|       |-- client
|           |-- component
|               |-- component.spec.jsx


See for how to contribute.




npm i electrode-bolt

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