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A plugin for the Elasticsearch JavaScript client that enforces non-nullable fields when indexing


Elasticsearch does not come with built-in support for specifying certain fields as non-nullable. This plugin module adds this capability to the Elasticsearch JavaScript client by checking the data before it is indexed.

Note that "non-nullable" in this case does not mean "truthy" or "defined", but rather that the field cannot strictly equal null. That is, undefined is still a valid value. Use this plugin in conjunction with elasticsearch-required to enforce required, non-nullable fields.


To install elasticsearch-required

npm install elasticsearch
npm install --production elasticsearch-non-nullable

This plugin augments client.indices.putMapping() to allow for the specification of non-nullable fields. As such, it is required that you call putMapping on every instance of the Elasticsearch client before indexing so that the plugin can be initialized with what fields are non-nullable.

The following example demonstrates putting the mapping and indexing:

var Client = require('elasticsearch').Client;
// create the client 
var client = ...
// put the mapping with "non-nullable" property 
    "index" : "test",
    "type" : "tweet",
    "body" : {
        "tweet" : {
            "properties" : {
                "message" : {
                    "type" : "string",
                    "non-nullable" : true
}).then(function () {
    // the following with result in "null value" error 
    return client.index({
        "index" : "test",
        "type" : "tweet",
        "body" : {
            "message" : null


To run the unit tests

npm test


  • Add support for bulk indexing
  • Add support for putMapping() when multiple indices are specified