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🍋 Unofficial Ek$i Sozluk Client for Node.js

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This library help you to conquer the Eksi Sozluk in Node.js.

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npm install eksi-sozluk --save


Technical documentation is automatically created with JSDoc after each new release.

You can find the technical documentation here!


IMPORTANT: The tutorials are not fully covered for all use cases and its not mention all capabilities of the library, don't forget to check technical documentation if you didn't found anything you looking for.


# clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/ridvanaltun/eksi-sozluk.git

# go to the project and install dependencies
cd eksi-sozluk & npm i

After these steps you can change the code. If you want test your changes; go to __tests__ folder, find a proper test file or create one if necessary. if the test pass, ensure your code quality and write documentation. All after you are ready to send a PR.

Check scripts section to learn how to run tests and linter (for code quality).

Commit Messages

Every commit message must be conventional commits format.

What is Conventional Commits?

If you don't have a time just use npm run commit command instead of use Git.

Code Quality

Keeping code quality as good is a hard job in normally. Therefore, we are using EsLint (linter) and Prettier to keep and track the code quality. Not linted pull requests automatically deny from via Travis (CI/CD). You can lint your code using scripts section.

In short, run npm run lint command.

Available Scripts

# commit your changes with commitizen
npm run commit

# check linter and prettier errors, fix prettier errors in default
npm run lint

# check the linter and prettier errors
npm run lint:check

# run prettier
npm run format

# check prettier errors
npm run format:check

# run all tests
npm run test

# travis uses this script, it handles creating new releases
npm run semantic-release

# travis uses this script, it creates documentation with jsdoc
npm run docs

Special Thanks

I would like to thank @kucukkanat the owner original eksi-sozluk package for transferring the package's rights to me. The old package was in security holding status, nobody was using it.


GNU General Public License v3.0

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