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Country List JS

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This module contains country information including 2 and 3 character ISO codes, country and capital names, currency information, telephone calling codes, and provinces (first-tier political subdivisions)


Add to your project from the NPM repository:

npm install --save country-list-js

And get an instance of the module:

// using ES6 modules
import country from 'country-list-js';
// using CommonJS modules
var country = require('country-list-js'); 

In a web page, you can include the modulelike this:

<script src="/path/to/country.min.js"></script>

Basic Usage

The following methods are available:


Searches can be conducted by any of the following methods:

var found = country.findByIso2('BD');
var found = country.findByIso3('BGD');
var found = country.findByName('Bangladesh');
var found = country.findByCapital('Dakha');
var found = country.findByCurrency('BDT');
var found = country.findByPhoneNbr('+8804005050');
var found = country.findByProvince('Steiermark');

If the country cannot be found, the return value is undefined. If a single value is found, it is returned as an object similar to the one shown below, and if multiple matches are made, an array of such objects is returned

    name: 'Denmark',
    continent: 'Europe',
    region: 'Scandinavia, Nordic Countries',
    capital: 'Copenhagen',
    currency: { code: 'DKK', symbol: 'Dkr', decimal: '2' },
    dialing_code: '45',
    provinces: [
        { name: 'Hovedstaden', alias: null },
        { name: 'Midtjylland', alias: null },
        { name: 'Nordjylland', alias: null },
        { name: 'Sjælland', alias: [ 'Zealand' ] },
        { name: 'Syddanmark', alias: null }
    code: { iso_alpha_2: 'DK', iso_alpha_3: 'DNK' } 


  • Queries are cached so only the first time a country is searched by requires traversal of the internal structures and thus calls will resolve very quickly

  • Search queries are case insensitive

  • Province searches include aliases so you may search for either Sjælland or Zealand

NPM Commands

The built-in test suite may be run in the traditional way

npm run test

and to build the minified file for web run:

npm run build

and retrieve it from dist/country.min.js


npm i ekkis-country-list-js

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