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Minify - a minifier of js, css, html and img files, used in Cloud Commander project.


You can install minify just like that:

npm i minify


git clone git://

Command Line

For use in command line just write something like:

minify <input-file> <output-file>

or just

minify <input-file>>

to see output in screen.


Minify module contains some api for interacting from another js files.

To use Minify functions it sould be connected first. It's doing like always.

minify = require('minify');

All of minification functions save files in ./min directory with extension .min (*.min.js, *.min.css, *.min.html). If directory could be created minify.MinFolder would countain stirng 'min/', in any other case - '/'.

optimize(pFiles_a) - function which minificate js, html and css-files.

  • pFiles_a - varible, wich contain array of file names or string, if name single.
  • pOptions(optional) - object contain main options.


minify.optimize('client.js', {
    callback: func(pMinData){}

if a couple files:


if post processing needed

    'client.js' : function(pFinalCode){}

if post image converting needed (works with css only)

minify.optimize([{'style.css': {img: true, merge: true} },

if only need the name of minified file (from min directory)

minify.optimize('client.js', {
    returnName  : true
    callback    : function(pParams){
        var lName = pParams &&;

MinFolder - varible thet contains folder name, where minimized files stored. (could not be changed for now).

Additional modules:

  • [UglifyJS] (
  • [clean-css] (
  • [html-minifier] (
  • [css-b64-images] (

Install addtitional modules:

npm i uglify-js clean-css html-minifier css-b64-images


If you would like to contribute - send pull request to dev branch. Getting dev version of Minify:

git clone git://
git checkout dev

Version history

Copycat from because of some specific reasons!