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User Customizable CSS / JS framework. Private, modular & convergent apps.


The future of design is YOU. Customize the colors, gaps, radius, background, borders, sounds, transparency, accessibility, etc on all major platforms, browsers & devices, online & offline. Designers can't tell you what to do with your apps anymore & restrict you to a main view, use them how you want & where you want!

And designers / devs / companies? time for a change... building stuff takes time & money & users will never be fully satisfied if you rely on 1-3 themes... but efy gives you billions of possible combinations, so users will create or share their own, based on their individual needs & will love you for giving them this freedom. Your defaults will be highlighted, while their creativity will be individual.

How to use it (Documentation coming soon)

Live demo & Documentation: https://efy.ooo

Add the efy folder in your project & the following html lines:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./efy/efy.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="your_efy_config_file.css">
<script src="./efy/efy.js"></script>

In the config file you can set your own defaults. More info on that will be added in the documentation soon. You can also add your own css inside after the template ends, or make a new file if you prefer to keep things separated. Both ways work, just make sure that the config file runs before javascript so that it knows what your preferences are.

Can I use it commercially?

Yes, but you gotta keep it open source & consider donating if you can or want to support the project. Read the license for more details.

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