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A super efficient Cache Manager, which removes all undefined/null/false keys and re-add's the back, when calling .get


When saving values in maps, you often have a lot of undefined, null keys and empty objects. When saving them, the Keys itself uses memory, which could follow to a higher ram usage and to a slower response time. This Package automatically remove nullish keys and transform them back on a DataSet Class, when calling get.

In Work:

  • Cache Lifetime (Dynamic Lifetime, delete when lasttime accessed)
  • Manual Cache Sweeper (+ optional filter)
  • Collection form (new Array Funtions on the Collection: .find, .filter, .last(), .first())
  • Remove empty Arrays
npm install efficient-cache

If you need help feel free to join our discord server. We will provied you all help

See below for the Docs

You have to require the Package and create a new Collection with it. See the examlple below

const dataset = require('./Test.js') //A Dataset is shown below
const Manager = require('efficient-cache');
const cache = new Manager({dataset: dataset});

cache.set(`hello`, {food: true, water: null}}})
cache.set(`hello2`, {food: null, water: `10`}})

cache.get(`hello`)) //Get The Value
cache.first())            //The First Value in the Map

Transformer Class

class Test{
        this.food = data.food || false;
        this.test = data.test || {data: []}
        this.water = data.water || false;


**new Manager({dataset: DATASET, transformerClass: TRANSFORMERCLASS}) **

Option Type Default Description
DATASET Class 'required' The Class, in which the Data should be transformed
TRANSFORMERCLASS Class not required The Class, where the Dataset Class gets transformed on

Collection Options:

Function Description
.get(key) Gets the transformed Data Object from the Map
.set(key, value) Sets the Data in the Map and removes all nullish keys
.first(amount) Gets the first x (amount) in the map
.sweep(lifetime) Deletes the Cache, which is older than the Lifetime

Have fun and feel free to contribute/suggest or contact me on my discord server or per dm on Meister#9667

Bugs, Glitches and Issues

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue in our github repository or join the discord server.

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